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Work in progress since 2004
Hobnox winner - category “ Culture”

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WordBank is a conceptual art project, composed of a set of multimedia sub-projects.
This ensemble forms the body of the artwork, creating a corporate identity of a “bank of words” which enjoys the visibility of a real institution: trademark, campaigns and a wide graphic, textual infrastructure, all of which animate the illusion that the bank really exists.
WordBank purports to manage our vocabulary and supply us with an access to different languages and socio-linguistic registers, which are out of our reach. In spite of its convincing appearance, the banking entity remains completely metaphoric, non-practical and non-commercial.

Content of the artwork:

Verbal by Nature (2010) |
15 video presentations in 14 languages

The Six Account Campaign |
6 videos

The Punctuation Mark Campaign |
17 animation clips

The Website | under construction (not available):
Italian website